a DeFi platform facilitating the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy

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Synthetic Asset Creation
Real Asset Oracles
Asset Verification
Asset Yield Farming
Lending & Borrowing
Cross-Chain Bridges
Phoenix Horizon is a differentiated DeFi platform that extends “mainstream DeFi” (borrowing, lending, liquidity) into the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy.

Synthetic Asset Technology Stack

Synthetic Asset Platform

Creation and liquidity provision of synthetic assets tied to real-world assets and instruments. Participants reap rewards/fees in tokens for providing stablecoins & maincoins to back synthetic assets as well as provide liquidity, with the aim of replicating the price, volatility, and thus the corresponding risk / return / valuation profiles of the underlying assets.
  • Traditional financial market indices

    economic indices, stock indices, volatility indices
  • Equity assets

    public and private equity of well-known companies
  • Physical assets

    i.e. art, collectibles
  • Datasets of value

    i.e. alternative datasets, proprietary datasets, secured via zero-knowledge proofs

Asset Verification

An experimental asset verification protocol will be developed to be a part of Horizon to enable verification and synthetic replication of physical assets and other instruments of value in the real world and real economy.

    DeFi Oracles Infrastructure

    Used to connect to price, economic, market, and demand data used to help price the synthetic instruments.

      Cross-chain Interoperability


      Data Partners

      FTSE Russell
      S&P Global

      Technology Stack

      Binance Smart Chain
      Binance Liquid Swap
      Pancake Swap
      Burger Swap
      Band Protocal

      Ecosystem Partners